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Cooperation based on partnership is of main importance for us, for that´s the only way for a beneficial and successful  collaboration in the long run. 

Feddermann & Lankau GmbH at a glance

Operating under the trademark AUTLOG we perform interesting supply for the "independent Aftermarket" at reasonable prices in line with the market. AUTLOG parts have been tried and tested a million times.

For decades of experience the company became a main dealer of parts and components for the customer friendly replacement equipment of  vehicles in Europe. Due to our worldwide connections to sub-suppliers of the automotive industry, we´re in the position to offer a comprehensive range of engine and chassis components. The excellent price-performance ratio of our products gives certainty to the capital investment in our  trademark AUTLOG.


Feddermann & Lankau GmbH
Biedenkamp 5d
21509 Glinde

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New product group - Parking Sensors

AUTLOG is now offering more than 100 parking sensors for the most common applications in the...