Product line

We keep sufficient product line of components for chassis and engine on stock, including main car repair facilities for car and transporter application. 

Customer satisfaction

Cooperation based on partnership is of main importance for us, for that´s the only way for a beneficial and successful  collaboration in the long run. Service driven business is our staff of life. Thanks to our highly qualified staff we´re able to ensure smooth and prompt order processing. Be sure we attach particular importance to your individual convenience and estimation.

Future oriented

Thanks to the innovative, creative and actionable feedback of our estimated customers and supplier we´re always close at the pulse of time with new products and technical redevelopments.


Quality hasn´t to be expensive, really. We utilize the workbenches and the knowhow of  component suppliers throughout the world! Any AUTLOG products are purchased from certified manufacturers, in which we trust for years.  Our contractors are postulated to meet the quality requirements according to TS16949.

All parts delivered by AUTLOG are labeled with our brandmark and/ or with a specific supplier´s code. 


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