Engine Cooling Systems

We keep sufficient product line of components for chassis and engine on stock, including main car repair facilities for car and transporter application. 


Water pumps (Coolant pumps)


In addition to our range of belt drive components, coolant temperature sensors and switches we are now keep AUTLOG water pumps in stock.

Selected materials, fi nely machined pump housings and the use of both; high quality bearings and high quality sealings ensure trouble-free functioning and a long lifetime of our water pumps.

  • An optimum operating temperature increases fuel effi ciency for the benefi t of the environment.
  • Due to a well-functioning water pump the life span of the engine is considerably increased.
  • Both the aerodynamically effi cient design and a perfect sealing ensure a long service life of our pumps.
  • A number of our pumps are also offered with heavy duty bearing.

Timing belt kits with and without water pump
Complete solution for dealers and workshops

Kit content

  • Water pump including sealing
  • Tension roller and defl ection pulleys (partly with mounting bolts)
  • Timing belt – from well known supplier of the car manufactures.

All related components should always be replaced along with the timing
belt drive to make sure that the driving system functions perfectly.
Advantages that make all the difference

  • Complete solutions help both retailers and workshops to save time and money and avoid consequential damage
  • We appoint a central contact person in cases of warranty questions
  • An optimum engine control increases fuel effi ciency for the benefi t of the environment
  • Due to a well-functioning belt drive the engines life span is considerably increased

As a one-stop shop, we deliver all belt drive components needed for repairs in highest quality from a single source!


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