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Pressure transducer


Exhaust control pressure transducer


The exhaust gas pressure transducer prepares/modifies the intake pressure that is needed to operate the EGR valve.

The right amount of intake pressure is created by mixing the intake pressure with atmospheric pressure. The pressure ratios data is supplied by the engine management system.

Signs that indicate a broken exhaust control pressure transducer can be loss of power, unstable engine running, stuttering engine or black smoke.

An exhaust control pressure transducer defect is also indicated by the generation of a corresponding error code.

The proper function of the pressure transducer can also be checked by testing it with a vacuum pump.

The most common causes of the failure are pollution or water ingress.


To maintain a correct working environment for the transducer, all hoses and hose connections have to be checked for tightness.


Turbocharger pressure transducer


The turbocharger pressure transducer is controlling the waste gate.

To prevent overheating of the turbocharger it has to be protected from too high boost pressure. When too high boost pressure is detected, the pressure transducer opens the waste gate and the exhaust gas is directed past the turbocharger.

If the turbocharger pressure transducer is not working, the excess boost pressure cannot be relieved and the turbocharger and engine might be damaged.

In this case the engine management system puts the engine into emergency mode and saves an error code in the board computer.

The most common causes of the failure are contamination, corroded electronics or damaged air hoses.


To maintain a correct working environment for the transducer all sealing of the system have 


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