Quality hasn´t to be expensive, really. We utilize the workbenches and the knowhow of  component suppliers throughout the world!


  • Always up-to-date assignment of components on TecAlliance
  • Effective and topical: our OE-data based comparison lists
  • Repair kits with complete mounting facilities
  • Price level subsequent to fair value repair
  • Highest availability of our recommended stock parts
  • Quick delivery
  • Individual product packing designed for transport





Due to our  state-of-the-art logistics and a modern stock accounting application (software?) we´re keen to deal highly cost-oriented. Our facility in the commercial zone of Glinde maintains a quick flow of goods and benefits by being well connected to the Hamburg port, the most important Baltic sea ports in Northern Germany as well as highways in all directions. We warrant short-term delivery of your order what helps you reduce unessential capital lockup. Our excellent stockpiling makes us guarantee for utmost availability of any parts.

Our self-explanatory lable with EAN Code facilitates  to register products receipt in your warehouse. AUTLOG products are to be delivered in eco-friendly and parts-protecting packing.


Being firmly confident in our most reliable parts we´re able to give warranty of 24 months as a matter of course. In case of warranty we´re keen to support our customers quickly and easily. 

Product line

We keep sufficient product line of components for chassis and engine on stock, including main car repair facilities for car and transporter application. 


Feddermann & Lankau GmbH
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21509 Glinde

Phone: (+49) 40/ 180 34 760
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8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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New product group - Parking Sensors

AUTLOG is now offering more than 100 parking sensors for the most common applications in the...